Wednesday, April 13, 2016

About TSL

(Source: Adapted from TSL, 2015)

     TSL is a Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) in Concentration of Big Data Analytics at Colorado Technical University with a distinguished background in education (B.S. in EE, M.S. in CS at Boston University, Boston, MA, and certified E.I.T). As a senior applications engineer, systems engineer, test development engineer, factory engineer, quality assurance engineer, and technical lead, he specializes in hardware integration, instrumentation applications, and particularly software development in ATE (automation test equipment) industry for many years. He is an enthusiastic Fourth-Degree Black Belt Martial Artist and currently holds a Kukkiwon-certified Tae Kwon Do (TKD) Master Title at Mu Han Total Martial Arts (
     His ambitious plans are in progress :
        - Do analytical research and/or inquiry in Big Data Analytics & Statistics.
        - Teach Computer & Science courses at colleges.
        - Book Reviewer & Technical and Educational Consultant
        - Practice and teach Martial Arts (TKD, Kung Fu, Sip Pal Ki, Professional TKD, Weapons and Yoga) at Mu Han.
        - Write technical books about Big Data, Intelligence Capitals, and Robotics at the triplet of
          micro-, meso- and macro-levels in Socio-technical System.
Because E.T.D (Education, Technology, and Design) matter!

Figure 1: Developing ATE systems for US Air Forces and Navy
(Source: Adapted from Defense & Aerospace Division - Teradyne, Inc.)

Figure 2: Doctor of Computer Science - Concentration in Big Data Analytics

Figure 3: Kukkiwon-Certified Instructor

Figure 4: Leading the Martial Arts class in 2016
(Source: Adapted from Mu Han, 2016)

Figure 5: One of the Martial Arts Instructors at Mu Han Dojang (May 20th, 2017) 
(Source: Adapted from Mu Han, May 20th, 2017)

 Figure 6: Martial Arts Master Club with 8 Mu Han Masters at MUSA Black Belt Festival Ceremony
at Downtown Sports Arena, Franklin, MA.
(November 09, 2019)

Figure 7: Former LTJG in Navy

Figure 8: The Navy Ceremony, June 01, 2017 


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